Question Of The Month: Bodkin Elementary School


Each month, the Pasadena Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. McQuinn’s class at Bodkin Elementary answered the question:

What do you think it means to be in love?

My dog loves me; I know that because he always wants attention from me, he does not want any attention from anybody else.
Michah Aptaker

Love is when you have a feeling for someone and you want to be around them. You also would be happy and enjoy them being there. You would be there to support them when they are sad. My dog, Storm, comes up to me when I come home, wagging her tail because she is excited to see me.
Natalie Bates

Love means that someone in your life cares for you and also is very important to you. It can be shown by you and also all of your family. You can love others and show the caring thoughts that are shown to you.
Jackson Drenning

My lizard is nice. He doesn't judge me by feeding him. He makes me happy.
Colten Dumsha

You have emotional feelings with that person and you care about that person deep down in your heart. It can also mean that you care for someone.
Ifeoluwa Fadele

Love is when you appreciate someone that did something important in your life and is very important to you. The person who I love the most is my mom because she takes care of everyone in my family and won't stop. She fills my heart with joy every day; that helps me do good in school.
Brandon Fitzpatrick

To be in love means you have a strong relationship with a person. For example, some parents are in love and they care for you.
Violet Harris

To be in love means to have a very tight relationship with someone. You feel a very loving connection when you are around this person. For example, the person I love the most is my mom. Whenever I am going through something, she helps me to get through it in a nice and caring way.
Arianna Haskell

I think I love it when someone cares about you. That’s what love is. People might think love is hearts, but that's not what love is. You can symbolize love in many ways.
Benjamin Haughton

I think that love means you will do anything for them. It’s a great feeling that you feel when you see someone that you care for.
Luciana Heilman Matysek

To like somebody. You’ll do anything for them. You’ll want to see them, and if they are gone, you feel sad. You’ll be happy for them when they win something, and you like spending time together and you always have fun. You’ll care for them and love them no matter what happens.
Ryan Jubb

Love is when you care very much about a certain person or thing. Real love is unconditional. Love is that feeling that you get when you see that special person. You care about them. Love can be a really special friendship, or it could be as simple as giving someone a hug. As an example, I love my dad, but he will always have a special place in my heart. Though a person can fall out of love, true love (as Ian said), lasts longer. To me, the world needs more love. If everyone would just be kind, and show love, the world would be an even more amazing place.
Jacob Katona

I think it means how somebody treats you, like your mom, dad and siblings all care for you. That is what love means: how you are cared for. It is something that humans should have. They should be loved. Love is celebrated around the world. That means it is important to us. It is special. It should always be with you. Love can be formed in many ways, like family and friendship. Happy Valentine’s Day.
Logan Kendall

Love means you have a feeling that you can’t control. You are happy and happy to be with everyone you’re around. My family makes me feel loved because of the way they treat me.
Brooks Klug

I think that love could be a small act of kindness or something big for someone. Anything you do for someone is showing some love.
Bennett Kobrin

I think that love means you care for the person you love and each of you trust each other with everything.
Zavian McCain

Love means when you see someone, it just makes you so happy. You see them and you just want to give them a big hug.
Anna McGinn

I think love means you care for a person and you will do anything for them. Also, love means you always want to be with that person and you would risk your life for that person!
Ella McGinn

I think love means to stick together. Staying with your friend is the best thing ever! I also think love is when you help your family or friend when they are struggling.
Ian Nollette

I think that love means to be happy with another person and to like what they are doing for you. For example, whenever I get off the bus, I hug my mom. Another thing that would be loving is if you are a parent and you stay home to take care of your sick kid.
Eric Permisohn

To be in love means that you care for a person or pet; they are important to you and you will do anything you possibly can in your power to always help them. For example, I always come home and say hi to my dog to make sure he is OK and loved. I will always also make sure he has food, water, toys and always try to make sure he comes with us on a road trip no matter what.
Gracie Phann

To be in love means that you care and appreciate the person that is passionate about you. When in love, you feel a powerful connection of support and kindness that cannot be broken. However, when you lose a loved one, you miss them dearly in grief and sorrow.
Haley Razmus

To be in love means that you have found somebody you truly care about. Also, you have found somebody you have feelings for and who fills your heart with joy.
Nathan Reil

I think love is when you are happy around the person who always wants to be with you, and you are happy to be with them too. That is called love. Another thing that love can be is when they have true feelings for you, and you have true feelings for them back. Love can be when you always stick together with a good friend that you love. All of these are love!
Bartram Shaeffer

I think love means that you care about someone and they care about you too. Also, you have feelings for someone and they truly love you too, so you stick together as a team.
Landon Sheetz

Love makes the world special. It gives you a purpose in life. It makes you happy if it's true. It happens because of you. You can make it happen.
Brandt Widmer

I think love is wanting the best for someone else while expecting nothing in return, or always wanting to be around that person because it excites you.
Jocelyn Wolfe

Love is when you care for someone and animals, like friendships, or your mom and dad or your brother and sister or maybe someone next door.
Nelson Riviera Larin

I think love is when someone in your life that is important is caring. It also means someone that would do whatever they can to help you. You appreciate someone you love because of all that they do for you. To show someone that you love them, you can give them something like a hug or maybe even a high-five.
Cooper Webb


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