Question Of The Month: Fort Smallwood Elementary School


Each month, the Pasadena Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. Elleman’s class at Fort Smallwood Elementary answered the question:

What is your favorite memory from elementary school?

My favorite memory from elementary school is when I met all of my best friends. This is my favorite memory because my best friends are always there for me when I need them.
Alex N.

My favorite was the amazing teachers and how I always trusted them. All of the teachers are nice and caring even when they do not think so. This school is amazing and I do not want to leave this school.
Amber J.

My favorite memory from Fort Smallwood is when I got to meet everyone in my class in fourth grade. I was in Mrs. Sienkiewicz’s class when I first got to “the fort.” I felt amazing and prepared at the time of the preview.
Bryan M.

My favorite memory from elementary school is when I met my best friend. Now I can have someone when I need comforting or when I just need to have a person by my side. She is always there for me.
Cadence B.

In third grade, we went to Annapolis for a field trip. We had a tour of the attractions all over Annapolis, like a bunch of old houses and a really cool building, which was like a small museum. But the cool thing was we got to see the Blue Angels flying around.
Charlie R.

When I was in third grade, Mrs. Roussey’s turtle, Farmer Pickles, tried to climb out of its tank. Luckily, she saw him and gently pushed him back in. It happened many more times that year and I thought it was funny watching him splash back into the water each time.

I was really excited to start at a new school. I came late in the year, so no one knew me, so I felt like I didn’t belong at that school, but then I met Zoey. She is so kind to me. She was my first friend at that school. I love when me and the boys play football, and some girls play too.
Destinie L.

My best memory is when we got special rewards and stuff. It was cool because everyone had fun. I like it when my school has fun.
Dillon W.

I remember in first grade when I won the candy corn contest.
Eldrick K.

My favorite memory was when Charlie and I made up happy feet wombo combo and everyone was laughing.
Eli O.

When I met my friends, so I wasn’t playing by myself.
Gavin F.

My favorite memory is going to the National Archives Museum because I love history.
Hunter M.

In fifth grade, our long-term substitute was going to have his first day and that day was my lucky day because I knew him and he is my favorite substitute ever!
Josslyn L.

I remember in pre-K when I used to play at one station and it was a station with cars and a parking garage and I had to go there if I could.
Lincoln W.

My favorite elementary school memory is when I met my best friend ever because we are inseparable and he always brightens my day.
Luke B.

This year, I had a lot of fun. I met a girl named Sarah who is really nice, but I was really nervous. All the grades eat ice cream with Rocky. We had a lot of fun field trips. I love Fort Smallwood.
Madeline RV.

We had a class turtle named Farmer Pickles. My favorite memory with him was when he escaped his tank. He ran out of the classroom. He went into the hallway. But he didn't get very far before my teacher noticed. She picked him up and put him back in the cage. She made sure it was closed.
Maria M.

When it was the perfect attendance/honor roll party because lots of kids were there and we got to sit wherever and eat popcorn. They also gave everyone an envelope. What was inside? Some people got pins that said honor roll; others got a bookmark saying perfect attendance and everyone got a free children’s meal at the best place ever, Texas Roadhouse.
Micaela W.

My best memory was when Mrs. S was my teacher for the second year. She is very nice and helpful and pushed us on our work and made us try harder.
Mikie B.

I loved when I was in third grade because my teacher was so nice to me and the class. I also liked when we went to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. It was so much fun because we got to sit high up and the music was amazing.
Riley S.

In fourth grade, I had Mrs. Knight. Around Christmastime, we had hot cocoa. We also made snowmen with marshmallows and pretzel sticks.
Sarah W.

I liked when we went to Arlington Echo for a fourth-grade field trip. It was very cool and there were a lot of activities.
Shane K.

It was one of the first days of fourth grade, and when we came back from Cultural Arts, there was popcorn on our desks! Everyone was so surprised and excited. That was my favorite memory of the one of the best teachers I have ever had.
Tatiana M.

I’ve had many amazing memories at Fort Smallwood Elementary. But there is one that sticks out like no other memory. And that’s when we made s’mores in fourth grade. But the fun part is we made a solar cooker out of a pizza box and aluminum foil. It was a great experience and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.
Zoey W.


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