Question Of The Month: Pasadena Elementary School


By Zach Sparks

Each month, the Pasadena Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Mrs. DiGiorgio’s class at Pasadena Elementary School answered the question:

What is love?

Love is if you’re feeling down, a family member might come and cheer you up.
Alexis B.

Love is playing with my brother, cooking with my mom and taking action shots with my dad’s camera.
Arabella M.

Love is my friends because they make me happy every day! It is also watching my hero on my favorite show.
Carly T.

Love is wanting to go to Paris. It is also going to Ocean City with my dog. Love is being with your family and friends.
Charlotte C.

Love makes your heart feel great. It also makes a special connection and makes you happy.
Colbyn L.

Love is my family and snuggling with my pet on a sad day.
Dominic C.

Love is hugs from your family and snuggling with your pet. Love can be food, like ice cream, candy, chocolate and even microwavable burritos.
Gaius H.

Love is the taste of mozzarella sticks because they taste good and they are full of cheese!
Jacob B.

Love is everything that you like, love or care about. For example, pets, family or even outside.
Justin F.

Love is when you enjoy spending time with whatever you like. It is also when you can truly open up to the person you care about.
Kiery M.

Love is me getting actual hugs from my dog in the morning. It can also be shown to your family.
Kolby C.

Love is when you cuddle with your family or your pets. Love is when you help people and show support!
Laci L.

Love is when we have good and happy emotions about each other. It could also be actions that we do that mean a lot to the other person, like a hug.
Liriel Z.

Love can sometimes be hard to find in you. But love is what glues your friendship together.
Maisey M.

Love is my family at a cookout. It is when my mom rubs my back and holds me. Love is the kindness my friends give me when they stick up for me.
Makhi G.

Love is a fuzzy feeling inside that you feel when you are comforted. Love is the happiness you feel when you’re with your friends, family and even your pets.
Natalie C.

Love is spending time with friends and family. Love is cute puppies.
Natalie S.

Love is something that makes me happy. Love can be many things!
Nick R.

Love is listening to your favorite song or seeing your grandparents.
Robert G.

Love is between my family and me. It is when my friends hang out with me.
Rylee M.

For me, love is cuddling with my cat, having family fun time, or even sleeping and eating. I love my phone, fish, and my grandma and grandpa.
Sophia B.

Love can be between your family or your pets. It can even be a place or a thing.
Trevor W.

Love can be shown to your family. You can feel love for an item or even a certain place.
Will B.

Love is the smiles on my students’ face when they enter my classroom. Love is the kindness they show to myself and others.
Mrs. DiGiorgio


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