Question Of The Month: Riviera Beach Elementary School


Each month, the Pasadena Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Mrs. Fleck and Mr. Bellarin’s classes at Riviera Beach Elementary answered the question:

If you could create a new holiday, what would it be and why?

I would create National Dance Day. I would create this holiday because I think that dancing makes people happy. If that person is happy then it could make someone else happy.

Olivia Adkins

I would create, National Roblox Day, where everyone in the whole world unites to play Roblox together. They have to play for the whole day.

Maggie Bolander

My day would be National Art Day. Art is fun because you can make anything you want. I love art; it is just fun to me, and I think people would love it too.

Mackinize Bowman

I would create National Mrs. Frank Day. I would create it because Mrs. Frank is my favorite teacher.

Caleigh Brauckhoff

National Video Game Day is where you get to play games all day. There would be no school, work, or sports. It would be a great holiday.

Channing Burton

If I could create a holiday, it would be Read All Day. You would get to read all day so you won’t have school. I would create this holiday because I love reading. I wish I could read all day, and if it was a holiday, I could.

Ella Dash

I would create Family Day, which is a day when you have a free day to spend time with your family and have fun! I would create Family Day because all people have that one family member that works all the time. Family Day would be on June 25.

Emma Fox

I would create National Banana Day because I would love to see a banana day and because bananas are delicious. I want a banana day because bananas taste good, and then I would be able to share bananas with everyone.

Braedyn Kuehne

If I could create a holiday, it would be called National Friend Day. I would create that holiday because people need time to spend with friends and you get the day off.

Jordan Plange

I would create a holiday called Happy Flower Day. The date would be on April 22. I would create this holiday because flowers always make people happy, smile, and they have pretty colors.

Alexis Nauton

I would create the Day of Pizza because it is delicious and yummy.

Carlos Romero

If I could make my own holiday, it would be International Graphic Novel Day. I say this because I love graphic novels, and I feel that everyone should enjoy the greatness of reading graphic novels.

Suzanne Schmaus

If I could create my own holiday, it would be called Teacher Day. In my holiday, students would celebrate how hard teachers work to teach us new things every day of the year.

Joshua Stencil

I would create Animal Day to celebrate and save the animals of the world.

Mallory Strouse

I would create National Discount Day, where everyone gets 98% off for any three items of their choice. I would do this because a lot of people just look at something and don’t buy it, but now they can.

Andrew Vasquez

My holiday is called Funny Fun Day. You go around and tell as many people as you can a joke. It is celebrated on June 14 every year.

Nicholas Venturella

This month, we asked fifth-grade classes, “If you could create a new holiday, what would it be and why?”


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