Question Of The Month: Sunset Elementary School


Each month, the Pasadena Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Mrs. Fleck’s class at Sunset Elementary answered the question:

What was the best Halloween costume you ever wore?

Kakashi Hatake from “Naruto Shippuden” because he's my favorite character.

Anthony D.

My doll costume because it was scary and cute at the same time.

Bella J.

I really liked when I was an astronaut because I liked the helmet I wore.

Boaz D.

Black Panther because that is my favorite costume out of all of mine.

Chase H.

A wolf pack because me and my friends dressed up as a wolf pack together.

Danielle C.

Bubbles from “The Powerpuff Girls” because I love the pigtails and the outfit.

Dorothea T.

My best Halloween costume was Uma from “Descendants” (last year’s costume) because I liked the skirt.

Elisa O.

Harley Quinn because I got to dye my hair red and blue.

Emma R.

The best Halloween costume I wore was a ninja because it was red and black.

Gregory H.

Jason because I would scare people and they would run.

Hunter K.

Clown costume because I scared people.

Jack Z.

Deadpool because he is my favorite, but I did not see the movie.

Jill G.

A ninja because sometimes it is more realistic and not as cartoonish.

Khalil B.

My best costume was when I was a spy because I like how some spies are sneaky and they have a lot of gadgets and tools to use.

Layla A.

The best costume was a Pikachu because it was pajamas.

Lily S.

A kitty cat because not many people had that costume.

Natalee O.

My favorite costume was Black Panther because he is my favorite superhero.

Owen H.

A black suit because I can scare people since I match the night sky.

Parker G.

A clown because it was scarier.

Ryan M.

A goddess costume because it was cute and comfy.

Shalom I.

My best Halloween costume was when I was a unicorn last year because I love unicorns.

Sierra L.

I dressed up as Slytherin with my Harry Potter robes I got from Universal Studios.

Teodoro M.


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