Return From Oz


One day, we were going about our normal daily activities — we left the house most days to go to work or to run our errands, we hosted family get-togethers to celebrate birthdays and holidays, and our children were going to school and participating in their extracurricular activities like dance classes.

Most of us don’t spend our days wondering what it would be like to suddenly be without those daily tasks that we take for granted. In fact, most days we long for the day off, the day that we don’t have to be running from one thing to the next, juggling the chaos of our lives, a day to spend at home to binge something on Netflix – then POOF! One seemingly average day in March 2020, we are told that we need to take a little “break” from those daily activities, that we are on the verge of a pandemic and that only essential employees will be permitted to work for the immediate future. Could we have ever imagined that we would end up where we did?

With work and school becoming virtual, adults and children alike have had to forgo those activities they looked forward to attending, spending more time at home than ever before. Many of us thought it would be temporary, only a few days or weeks. A few weeks in, we were reminded of “The Wizard of Oz” and that famous line, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

What began as a short hiatus became something else, and in that time, many of us had to miss out on so many of the things we do for our physical and mental wellbeing. Exercise is so vitally important, and many people prefer that exercise come in the form of dance class. Teachers and students so missed being in the studio for classes and yearned for the day that life would return to normal.

As we emerge from this pandemic stronger and with a renewed sense of priority and gratitude, it is wonderful to be able to have our children return to activities that restore a sense of peace and normalcy to their lives. Dance students not only reap the many physical benefits including improved cardiovascular conditioning, increased muscular strength and flexibility and enhanced coordination; they also find that the rewards extend well beyond mastering a certain step, trick or style of dance. More than ever, our children are craving the social interaction with their peers, experiences they would typically get from attending school and other gatherings, things that have been on hold for well over a year. These experiences are essential to a child’s growth and development. Dance classes help us feel more connected socially and can encourage bonds and friendships, which are key factors in improving our mood and mental health.

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