Student Hopes Her Artwork Will “Provide A Feeling”


At the fall 2019 First Lady’s Youth Art Gallery event in early November, Maryland First Lady Yumi Hogan recognized student artists and art teachers from across the state.

Noemi Hedges, from Pasadena, was one of the young artists recognized during the event for an abstract work that she titled “Sandpiper.”

“It's so cool! I didn't think I would win,” Noemi said. “I used color for my inspiration. I chose a color palette that was calming and wanted to play around with the different shades and how they worked together to provide a feeling.”

Noemi’s parents have always encouraged her to explore her passions and creativity.

“At a young age, we fostered her interest in art by exposing her to many different art platforms and encouraged her to have fun with art and not worry about what people think about it,” said Wendy Hedges, Noemi’s mom. “Her dad introduced her to the world of computer programming at a very young age and fostered her interest by melding both art and programming into her tutorials.”

This mix of art and technology has enabled her to explore a variety of creative mediums and express herself in unique ways. For example, her “Sandpiper” piece was created using Adobe Photoshop.

“I prefer art projects that require technology,” Noemi explained. “I love that technology allows me to create almost anything I want and in so many ways. I'm taking a photography class right now, and I love that as well.”

Wendy added, “Noemi has always enjoyed creating and drawing characters, but her passion for computer science gave her a new artistic outlet. She uses that creativity and out-of-the-box thinking as she approaches her computer programming projects and video game programming projects.”

Neomi does art “just for fun,” but she believes the practice will make her a better computer programmer someday.

“I'll be able to create more intuitive programs,” Noemi said. “I also love programming video games, and that is sort of an art form that requires a lot of creativity.”

Noemi is currently participating in a homeschool program, which enables her to take additional computer science classes. She's continuing her art studies by taking a photography class, a video programming class and a guitar class, according to Wendy.

As for her award-winning art, it is on display in the House of Delegates gallery throughout the winter months, which is an added bonus and for the young creator, and a holiday treat for her parents.

“Noemi continues to amaze me at every turn,” Wendy said. “I couldn't be more proud.”


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