The Buzz Around Town: Mosquito Squad Turns 10


For the last 10 years, Mosquito Squad has been protecting Severna Park from pesky pests.

Through a variety of services, Mosquito Squad helps safeguard homes against mosquitoes, ticks and fleas.

Now the business is gearing up for its busiest season, which is April through October.

“The ticks come out as soon as it gets warm, so that’s why we start in April,” said Kendra Burnett, owner of Mosquito Squad. “But we get really busy around Memorial Day, and that’s when people are opening their pools and it’s getting warm enough to be outside every day.”

To combat ticks, pest control experts from Mosquito Squad visit property to install tick tubes, which are placed in April and August. They are focused on the hatching periods to help prevent Lyme disease.

For mosquitoes, the company has a variety of products and plans to help control the pests in any backyard.

The most popular plan, Burnett said, is the seasonal barrier spray: Mosquito Squad comes out to treat your property every three weeks. The staff also offers “event sprays,” which are one-time services if you’re looking to treat your property before hosting a wedding, graduation party or outdoor event.

“Our biggest struggle is, in the news, everyone’s always like, ‘pesticide, pesticide, pesticide,’ so it gives people a negative [connotation],” Burnett said. “They don’t really understand there’s thousands of pesticides out there, and not every one is the same.”

Mosquito Squad offers an all-natural spray that it uses to treat properties. The company stays educated on practices that are safest for the environment, as well as keeping track of pollinators to know what to avoid.

“We pride ourselves on our customer service. We know we have the best customer service out there,” Burnett said. “Our reviews are very good, and we’re very attentive to our customers. They always know when we’re coming.”

A question frequently posed to Mosquito Squad is “Why should I do this if my neighbors aren’t? How does it work?” The truth is that mosquitoes and ticks can’t travel far, so if they are on your property, it’s most likely because they hatched there.

Mosquitoes need still water to survive, so an easy way to help control the population on your own is by making sure to “pick up” the water after rainfall, Burnett said. If you have tarps covering grills, holsters under flowerpots or toys that collect water, make sure to dump them every three to five days.

As a franchise, Mosquito Squad donates to the Malaria No More organization, which is working to end Malaria worldwide.

Locally, Mosquito Squad donates to area schools and fire departments. The company donated a certificate for a full season service to the Severna Park Community Center gala’s silent auction.

Burnett grew up in Pasadena, and now she is raising her family in the community.

“This is where we live,” Burnett said. “The word of mouth, that travels. Communities are very tight-knit, and the best marketing we have is word of mouth.”

For more information, call Mosquito Squad at 410-317-8385, or visit


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