December 22, 2014
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  • Ned Howe, senior director for new business for Enterprise Homes, explained why Enterprise Homes sees a need for the 84-unit apartment complex during a meeting at Earleigh Heights Fire Hall on December 2.

    Tensions Rise During Earleigh Station Apartments Meeting

    Several Residents Express Opposition To Development During Function Held By Enterprise Homes Since a letter detailing plans for an 84-unit apartment complex on 4.86 acres at 134 Ritchie Highway was received by the county council on October 6, there have been protests from area residents concerned...
  • Senator Ben Cardin (far left) addressed Doug Creager, Grace Pointe Church members and PHF officials at a ceremony held to recognize the efforts of all who helped bring the Maryland Home Makeover project to fruition.

    Brothers Return To Home Rebuilt By Maryland Home Makeover

    On the dreary afternoon of November 17, Doug Creager leaned through a porch doorway and welcomed several individuals into his house on Magothy Beach Road. He was not worried about the inevitable mud that would be tracked onto the hardwood floors or the rain-soaked umbrellas that visitors brought...
  • During an introductory press conference on November 20, County Executive Steve Schuh explained that he appointed Tim Altomare as police chief and Allan Graves as fire chief because “we just need to continue to keep going in the direction we are going, and build upon the successes of the recent past to get us to the next level.”

    Schuh Appoints New Police And Fire Chiefs

    Police Chief Tim Altomare And Fire Chief Allan Graves Promise To Bring Positivity And Transparency To Their Respective Departments On November 20, County Executive Steve Schuh announced the appointment of new Police Chief Tim Altomare and Fire Chief Allan Graves during a press conference at...


  • The 80-lb Pasadena Bucs defeated Cape St. Claire 39-7 in the Anne Arundel Youth Football Association 80-lbs National Division championship game at Chesapeake High School on November 16 to finish the league season undefeated at 12-0.

    Bucs Crush Cape In Title Game, 39-7

    The 80-lb Pasadena Buccaneers football team put a championship finish on an undefeated league season on November 16, trouncing the Cape St. Claire Cougars, 39-7, in the Anne Arundel Youth Football Association 80-lbs National Division title game at Chesapeake High School. Two rushing touchdowns...


  • PBA Update

    Our fourth-annual Veterans Day ceremony was spent with our veterans and their families on a beautiful November day. We are very honored to be able to provide the venue for this ceremony. This year, we had all the veterans stand and state their name and when and where they served, and we presented them with a medallion from their particular branch of service.
    I ran into one of the veterans several days later, and he stated that he really did not want to go to the ceremony but his wife made him. He then tearfully told me that he was so proud to be able to stand up and announce his service to our country and he will be with us for years to come at the ceremony. He thanked me for the...

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  • Creating A County Where There Is Prosperity And Opportunity For All

    On December 1, I had the honor of being inaugurated as the ninth Anne Arundel County Executive. It’s humbling to receive support from so many, and I want to thank everyone who voiced support for our new administration.
    As I said in my inaugural address, we are now beginning a new era in Anne Arundel County. We will focus on policies that better serve and improve the lives of our customer...the citizens of Anne Arundel County. And we will not rest until our county is the best place in our state to live, work and start a business. Over the next four years, I will implement a five-point plan to achieve that goal.
    I want to energize economic growth and create as many jobs as possible by...
  • Steve Schuh Inaugurated As Anne Arunel’s Ninth Couty Executive

    On December 1, Circuit Court Clerk Robert Duckworth swore in Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh in front of supporters, family members, local and state officials, and Schuh’s fiancé, Dania Blair, at Maryland Hall. Guest speakers included Annapolis Mayor Mike Pantelides, House of...
  • An Opportunity To Change Maryland

    Thank you, Pasadena, for giving me the privilege to represent you for four more years. It is an incredible honor to represent the area where I grew up and now am raising a family. I am really excited about the next four years, as I believe it is going to be a long-overdue breath of fresh air for...
  • Thank You: It’s Been An Honor To Serve

    Wow. What an incredible 21 months! When I stood before the county council on a cold February evening nearly two years ago and outlined my vision for leading Anne Arundel as its county executive, I knew the opportunity to serve the county I call home was unlike any other. But looking back, I could...

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  • Tech Talk With Dr. Cranska: Fluoride Isn’t Just For Kids

    In upcoming months, I will answer questions on high-technology dentistry. Please direct inquiries to my website at or email with your questions.
    Fluoride Isn’t Just For Kids
    A person’s health care needs change throughout a lifetime. Different concerns exist as we age. Tooth breakdown, sensitivity and decay continue to affect adults as we live longer and keep our natural teeth.
    We need to develop and use new treatment modalities to maintain and protect oral health throughout our lifetimes.
    Q: I thought I had to be concerned with only my children getting cavities; why do I have tooth decay?
    A: Dentistry and...
  • Preparing Your Body For Baby

    So you are thinking about having a baby, but is your body ready to handle the changes it will face? Pregnancy is a time of great joy and happiness, but it is also a time of change in a woman’s body because of increased hormones and the growth of the baby. Women should take extra care of...
  • Hypertensive Retinopathy Predicts Stroke Risk

    During your regular eye exam, we thoroughly and carefully exam the tiny blood vessels in your retina. This exam is never more important than in seniors and others who have high blood pressure, other vascular disease and diabetes. For patients with hypertension, or high blood pressure, one of the...
  • Know Your ABC’s For A Pain-Free Holiday Season

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Unless you are in pain, that is. If you are like most Americans this holiday season, you will walk the malls, shop for groceries, haul heavy bags and prepare yummy meals only to wake up the next day to feel the pain. This year, you can add more joy and energy to...

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