February 01, 2015
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  • Northeast’s Will Clark drove on Chesapeake’s Khiri Hebron during the Eagles’ 73-53 win on December 19. “[Will] is our hidden gem that no one knows about,” said Northeast head coach Roget O’Dea. “He’s put in a lot of time, worked out over the summer and really got up to pace.” Clark finished with 12 points in the win.

    Eagles Soar To Most Wins Since ’92, Continue Strong Season

    The Northeast boys basketball players and coaches knew the pieces were in place to have a strong season, and now that they’ve taken the court, the Eagles are making it happen. After notching seven-win seasons in each of the last two years, the Eagles are off to a 9-4 start in 2014-2015 and...
  • The Bucs' Dylin Jackson defeated a Mt. Airy opponent at a home meet at Northeast High School on December 20.

    Bucs Wrestlers Having Stellar Season

    The Bucs wrestling program has had a solid start to the winter season, with a league win over Severna Park and three strong finishes at tournaments. After defeating the Green Hornets 19-9 in their lone head-to-head matchup thus far, the Bucs have also performed well at larger multi-team meets:...
  • The Pasadena Soccer Club U10 Purple Storm girls soccer season went 13-2-4 overall in the fall season and won back-to-back tournament championships at the November Cup and Mountain Road Tournaments.

    Purple Storm Win Dual Titles In Outstanding Fall Season

    The Pasadena Soccer Club U10 Purple Storm girls soccer team had an outstanding fall season, finishing with an overall record of 13-2-4 and winning a pair of tournament championships in back-to-back weekends at the November Cup and Mountain Road Tournaments. The Purple Storm went 7-0-1 in eight...


  • Six Tips For Sledding Safety

    When winter brings us snow, there’s one place you’ll likely find the neighborhood children – the local sledding hill. Where you don’t want to find them, however, is at the doctor’s office or hospital because of a sledding injury. Yet according to the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, each year more than 20,000 kids end up in emergency rooms with injuries from sledding.
    Here are six tips for keeping your children safe on the local sledding slopes:
    Wear the right gear. I know your children will protest, but they should always wear a helmet. Also, your young sledders should wear layered clothing, as well as gloves, hats and boots to protect against...

School & YouthSchool

Arts & EntertainmentArts & Entertainment

  • After 10 years of playing gigs in Anne Arundel County and across the world, Jason Morton and Brett Wilmer of The Cheaters are enjoying Nashville, Tennessee, and the success of their new record, “Waitin’ On Right Now.”

    Local Band The Cheaters Finds Its Groove In Nashville

    Former Pasadena residents Jason Morton and Brett Wilmer remember the daily grind of full-time jobs that stood in the way of their dream of becoming signed musicians. But today, the friends are known to most as The Cheaters, a country, rock and pop duo that is enjoying success in Nashville,...
  • Award-winning photographer Anna Scott, who specializes in fine art photography and lifestyle portraiture, will be the Mountain Road Library’s featured artist in February.

    Photographer Anna Scott To Display Shots At Mountain Road Library Exhibit

    Longtime Pasadena resident Anna Scott looks forward to displaying photography at the Mountain Road Library this February. Selected as the artist of the month, she will exhibit her work from February 3 through the 25 in the branch’s community room. On February 19, she will meet with guests at...
  • In “Under the Skin,” Dan Gvozden’s number-one film of 2014, Scarlett Johansson plays an alien in human skin that roams the Glasgow countryside searching for male prey to seduce.

    The Top 10 Films Of 2014

    By Dan Gvozden The year 2014 was excellent for independent cinema and artists with distinct and unique voices. Nine of my 10 choices are from writer/directors and have a clear and unique authorial vision. It pained me to leave so many great films off my list, a list that I feel could be...

Politics & OpinionPolitics & Opinion

  • Council Update

    You may have heard over the past few months about a new workforce housing development slated to be built on Ritchie Highway across from the Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company station. The proposed developers found a loophole in county zoning law that would have allowed them to build 22 units per acre on a property that was zoned for two units per acre. I am proud to stay that I closed that loophole!
    As I have said time and time again, development has long run its course in North County. We all know of the overcrowding on our roads and in our schools, and it is time the county finally put its foot down and said enough is enough. Pasadena simply cannot handle any more additional housing...
  • A Heroin Epidemic Threatens Our Prosperity And Progress

    Safe schools, safe streets and safe communities are the foundation of any thriving society. Keeping the public safe is crucial to making our county the best place to live, work and start a business in Maryland. But today we face a serious problem that is threatening our prosperity and progress: a...
  • Change Is Coming

    With Anne Arundel County’s help in the last election, Maryland residents voted for a change in direction. As part of that change, I was scheduled to be sworn into office on January 14, but the governor appointed me delegate in December to fill the vacancy created when Steve Schuh became...
  • Christmas And More Under Attack

    Good ol’ St. Nick has been enjoyed by kids for years, so Delegate Meagan Simonaire and I figured he could use a little assistance, since some school systems are trying to ban him. First, let me tell you what happened, then what the bigger issue is and finally what we are proposing to do...

Health & FitnessHealth & Fitness

  • Tech Talk With Dr. Cranska: Fluoride Isn’t Just For Kids

    In upcoming months, I will answer questions on high-technology dentistry. Please direct inquiries to my website at www.cranska.com or email familylaserdentistry@outlook.com with your questions.
    Fluoride Isn’t Just For Kids
    A person’s health care needs change throughout a lifetime. Different concerns exist as we age. Tooth breakdown, sensitivity and decay continue to affect adults as we live longer and keep our natural teeth.
    We need to develop and use new treatment modalities to maintain and protect oral health throughout our lifetimes.
    Q: I thought I had to be concerned with only my children getting cavities; why do I have tooth decay?
    A: Dentistry and...
  • Preparing Your Body For Baby

    So you are thinking about having a baby, but is your body ready to handle the changes it will face? Pregnancy is a time of great joy and happiness, but it is also a time of change in a woman’s body because of increased hormones and the growth of the baby. Women should take extra care of...
  • Hypertensive Retinopathy Predicts Stroke Risk

    During your regular eye exam, we thoroughly and carefully exam the tiny blood vessels in your retina. This exam is never more important than in seniors and others who have high blood pressure, other vascular disease and diabetes. For patients with hypertension, or high blood pressure, one of the...
  • Know Your ABC’s For A Pain-Free Holiday Season

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Unless you are in pain, that is. If you are like most Americans this holiday season, you will walk the malls, shop for groceries, haul heavy bags and prepare yummy meals only to wake up the next day to feel the pain. This year, you can add more joy and energy to...

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