October 17, 2017
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  • Martin Bentz

    Chesapeake Honor Wall Inducts Inaugural Four Members

    In the 40 years since it opened, Chesapeake High School has nurtured the abilities and ambitions of many students. Some have pursued veterinary medicine, zoology, waste management or information technology; they have gone on to become business leaders, volunteers, mentors and game changers. A...
  • During International Overdose Awareness Day at Arundel Christian Church on August 31, attendees huddled for a candlelight vigil in remembrance of their loved ones.

    “If You’re Alive Today, There’s Hope”

    Pasadena Residents On The Importance Of Overdose Awareness Day Kristin Edwards was addicted to heroin for seven years, but the addiction didn’t just steal her freedom. “My mom didn’t die from overdose, she died from cardiac arrest,” said Edwards, who lost her mom three...
  • A photo snapped by a local resident depicts what appears to be a fox with mange walking along the road.

    Sick Wildlife Sightings Leave Citizens Concerned

    Public Departments Can Help, But Which One To Call Depends On The Situation Riviera Beach resident Laura Barefoot was concerned when she noticed her dog had started losing his hair and was itching himself constantly. “The vet diagnosed him with mange, and asked whether he’d been in...


  • Quarterback Riley Pitt handed off to running back Demontay Snowden during the Eagles' 40-13 win over Southern. Northeast amassed 479 yards of total offense in the dominant victory.

    Northeast Rolls Past Southern, 40-13

    It was only minutes into the first quarter, but Northeast football coached Brian Baublitz implored his Eagles to not look at the scoreboard at any point for the rest of the night. The way the Eagles played, the Bulldogs didn’t want to look at the scoreboard either. Northeast exploded for...
  • Jake Hynson scored two first-half goals for Chesapeake, which defeated Northeast on Thursday, 2-1.

    Chesapeake Boys Top Northeast, 2-1

    Jake Hynson scored a pair of first-half goals to lead Chesapeake to a 2-1 victory over Northeast in boys soccer on Thursday. Hynson’s scores were assisted by Nick Benson and Noah McHugh. Angel Calderon scored on a penalty kick for Northeast in the second half, but Chesapeake was able to...
  • (L-R) Peyton Colhouer, Leia Black and Brooke Hurst celebrated Black's goal that lifted Chesapeake to a 1-0 win over Northeast on Thursday.

    Chesapeake Girls Take It To Northeast, Defeat Eagles 1-0

    You can always count on a Northeast-Chesapeake game to deliver physical play and an outcome decided by the slimmest of margins. That was certainly the case Thursday when the Chesapeake and Northeast girls soccer team played 80 minutes of rough-and-tumble soccer that was ultimately decided early,...
  • Seniors Nichole Fish (7) and Madison Wheeler (6) hope to lead their teams to victory on September 21 when Northeast hosts Chesapeake.

    Collision Course: Northeast vs. Chesapeake Girls Soccer Rivalry Primer

    The Northeast and Chesapeake girls soccer teams will square off on September 21 at Northeast, both hoping for a rivalry win—and a good omen for a deep playoff run. Revamped Northeast Girls Ready To Keep Improving Following a 9-7-1 season a year ago in which the Northeast girls soccer team...


  • The staff of Homestead Gardens encompasses nearly 250 passionate garden experts and industry leaders who are happy not only to help customers but also to promote horticulture and agriculture in the community.

    Homestead Gardens Cultivates A Sense Of Community

    Although Homestead Gardens started as a small backyard business in the early 1970s, the company has grown to be considered one of the top garden destinations in the country, but no matter how big it got, its founder Don Riddle never lost sight of his roots. “It started with him,” said...
  • Blended Families Face Critical Issues In Estate Planning

    Our families change over time, as do our financial circumstances. Children and grandchildren are born, people get divorced or remarried, real estate is bought and sold, and people change jobs and roll over their retirement accounts. This is why it is important to establish an estate plan: so the...
  • In just six months, Beth and Brian Bogard have made an impact in Pasadena with both their food and their community service.

    About My Business: Award-Winning Marco’s Pizza

    “Ah!thentic” Italian Pizza Franchise Brings Handmade Artisan Pizza to Pasadena When Marco’s Pizza opened in Lakeshore Plaza in March 2017, owners Beth and Brian Bogard wanted to bring the Ah!thentic Italian taste of Marco’s premium handmade artisan pizza, subs, salad and...

School & YouthSchool

  • Electronics Technician (Navigation) Third Class Dane Pegg climbed aboard the PCU Washington prior to a commissioning ceremony.

    Where Are They Now: Dane PeggExclusive

    Dane Pegg used to cruise past challengers as a runner for Chesapeake High School — both cross-country and track and field — but the 2010 graduate is now preparing to cruise across the open seas as an electronics technician aboard the USS Washington fast-attack submarine. At 377 feet...

Arts & EntertainmentArts & Entertainment

Politics & OpinionPolitics & Opinion

  • Letter To The Editor: Ravens, Our Pride Has Turned To Shame

    To the entire Baltimore Ravens football team: While the world watched, you disgraced and embarrassed our country and city. You disrespected the American flag and national anthem. And then you brazenly stood in respect for the British anthem. Have you forgotten that Britain was the country your ancestors fought to gain our country's independence? Have you forgotten that it was in the city of Baltimore that Francis Scott Key wrote our national anthem during the War of 1812 with Britain? Your confused NFL leaders had the audacity to blame your divisive and unpatriotic protests on our president! Absurd! He rightfully demanded you cease your blatant show of disrespect for our great...
  • FTA Amnesty Program Proves Successful

    I told you it wasn’t a sting! It was the county’s first Failure to Appear Warrant Amnesty Day and it was a huge success! I must give a big shout out to our partners. Without them, this would have never been a success. Let me recognize the public defender’s office, the States...
  • An Upgrade To Cox Creek

    Recently, our county celebrated a huge milestone: the completion of the $141 million upgrade to Cox Creek Water Reclamation Facility in Pasadena. Elected officials past and present gathered on July 12 as we highlighted this major achievement to improve the water quality in and around North County...
  • Environmental Health Issues

    I hope this has been a very fun and eventful summer for you and your families as much as it has been for me and my family. The warm summer months bring many environmental issues (and complaints) to my office’s attention. In this article, I would like to explain some of the environmental...

Health & FitnessHealth & Fitness

  • The Importance Of Leaving A Legacy

    One of the most difficult conversations that I have with clients is about death and what will happen after they die. Of course, we leave the philosophical part of that question to more learned and religious people, but someone like me can address the practical part.
    Planning for death, and the goals for the money thereafter, usually falls into one of two distinct strategies. One group of people wants the last check that they write to bounce, meaning that they do not want to leave any money to children, because they feel it is theirs to spend. Most parents who take this approach have successful children and are not worried about their future. The second group of people purposefully leaves...
  • Don’t Be In “Flea”Nial! Know The Risks Of Fleas And Ticks

    It is that time of year again — cooler evenings, shorter days and kids are back in school. That also means it is primetime for ticks and fleas as the weather conditions become more favorable. Don’t be caught off guard, and don’t stop using flea and tick preventatives on your pets...
  • Protecting Yourself Against Influenza And The Common Cold

    As fall begins, we begin to see symptoms associated with the common cold and influenza (flu). But while you may think you are suffering from either a cold or flu, you may be suffering from the other illness. Knowing the difference between the cold and the flu and their symptoms can help determine...
  • HPV And Oral Cancer

    If you are a smoker or if you abuse alcohol, you should be concerned about these traditional risk factors for oral cancer. We are now faced with an epidemic: A common viral infection is causing oral cancer to develop in young non-smokers and casual drinkers. Research now shows links between human...

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