March 28, 2017
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  • Hancock’s Resolution Season Opening On April 2

    Situated on 26 acres along Bodkin Creek in Pasadena since 1785, Historic Hancock’s Resolution takes local residents and tourists alike back in time to experience what life was like on a farm in the early days of Anne Arundel County, and on Sunday, April 2, the 2017 tourist season — the...


  • The "Two Degrees" campaign expresses a dire reality: residents of Anne Arundel County are two degrees of separation from someone addicted to heroin or opioids.

    Athletes Unite In Fight Against Heroin

    If you don’t know someone who is affected by heroin or opioid use, you know someone who knows someone who is. That’s two degrees of separation, and it’s the thinking behind an effort to raise awareness of the heroin- and opioid-use epidemic in Anne Arundel County spearheaded by...


  • PBA Update

    While social media is important, management experts know membership in a business organization is still the best way to increase sales. Face-to-face networking is especially important for small businesses trying to sell locally. Members get to know one another and develop a trust and relationship, and they confidently refer friends and family to one another’s companies. Pasadena Business Association members are motivated, hardworking people — invaluable sources of information and support who send customers your way!
    The PBA offers hundreds of new business friends, lunch meetings with speakers and personal introductions, leads groups, networking mixers, a business trade show,...
  • (L-R) Bella Napoli co-owner Biagio Carannante, assistant chef Carlos Vasquez and co-owner Pasquale Carannante look forward to several more years of serving authentic Italian cuisine in Pasadena.

    Bella Napoli Celebrates 15 Years In The ‘Dena

    When Biagio Carannante and his son, Pasquale, opened Bella Napoli Italian Restaurant in 2002, they had little doubt that their enterprise would thrive in Pasadena. Biagio, a one-time co-owner of 17 Mamma Lucia’s restaurants in the mid ‘90s, had the necessary entrepreneurial experience...
  • Time For Some Financial Spring Cleaning

    Spring is here. This year, as you shake off the cobwebs from winter and start tidying up around your home and yard, why not also do some financial spring cleaning? Actually, you can apply several traditional spring-cleaning techniques to your financial situation. Here are a few ideas: ·...
  • Is A Revocable Trust Right For You?

    Although not everyone needs a trust, a trust is a useful estate planning tool and should be considered. Below are the benefits of a trust. Privacy A trust is private and confidential. Unlike a will, a trust is not filed with the court. When an estate is opened, your will gets filed with the court...

School & YouthSchool

  • The water on the left was taken from Chesapeake Bay Middle School around 6:00am March 6; the water in the middle was taken about 10 minutes later and the water on the right is store-bought water.

    Pasadena Parents Petition For Clean Water In Schools

    All parents sends their children to school assuming their basic needs will be taken care of. At Chesapeake Bay Middle School, Chesapeake High School, Bodkin Elementary, Lake Shore Elementary and Fort Smallwood Elementary, unpalatable drinking water affecting about 5,000 students and teachers has...
  • During a Court of Honor ceremony at Pasadena United Methodist Church on March 12, Brandon Lehr celebrated his Eagle Scout status with friends and family.

    Fire Pit Project Propels Brandon Lehr To Eagle Scout

    “On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, and to obey the scout law; to help others at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.” With three fingers up and one thumb curled, 16-year-old Brandon Lehr recited this scout...
  • Teachers Donleer Walker and Kathleen Flowers recognized Read Across America Week, a celebration of Dr. Seuss and the love of reading, with their students during the week of February 27.

    The Y Takes Over Anne Arundel County Head Start

    A group of eight preschool children gathered on a rug in a colorful classroom at the Freetown Village Head Start program in Pasadena, singing the days of the week to the tune of “The Addams Family” theme song. Head Start is a national program funded by the U.S. Department of Health and...

Arts & EntertainmentArts & Entertainment

  • The murder mystery dinner cast of “A Murder on Stoney Creek” includes (l-r) Laura Zollinhofer, Lisa Clark, Chaka Balamani, Rhonda Weeks and Mickey Kramer.

    Murder Mystery Dinner Will Benefit Mary’s Lamb

    Betrayal, deception, sabotage – a controversy is brewing in Riviera Beach and nothing is off the table. Written by Paul Warshauer and produced by Murder 4 Fun Inc. from Chicago, “A Murder on Stoney Creek” will do its best to tease guests with a conundrum of whodunit on April 28...
  • In “The Great Wall,” Matt Damon is a Spanish foreigner captured by a border patrol force trying to combat green monsters called Tao Tei. Sound ridiculous? It is.

    “The Great Wall” And The Line Of Ridiculousness

    I have long promoted a concept I made up, a concept called the “line of ridiculousness” — a threshold that must be surpassed in order for a silly, plot-hole-ridden film to go from stupid to just plain fun. This is why I was not a fan of any of the individual Marvel movies, like...
  • Susan Harry will display watercolor landscapes and a series of leaves of all different shapes, colors and sizes.

    Mother And Daughter Display Art At Mountain Road Library

    The Mountain Road Library will feature the artwork of Susan Harry in April and her mother, Louise Vest, in May, just in time for Mother’s Day. Harry will display watercolor landscapes, and Vest will showcase acrylic seascapes. Harry began painting when she was 5 years old. In elementary...

Politics & OpinionPolitics & Opinion

  • Council Legislation

    This past month, the county council heard and voted on several pieces of legislation. Two pieces of legislation were very important to me. One was contentious, with the council and county executive split on whether to pass the bill. The other was a straightforward but important resolution concerning the environmental health of the region.

    The first piece of legislation was Bill 87-16, which involved the county’s ability to deal with public-nuisance establishments. The bill was drafted to deal with certain motels that were catering to people involved in illegal activity. The councilman who introduced this bill was trying to give the county the authority to shut down...
  • Senator Bryan Simonaire’s bill to pair veterans with service dogs was co-sponsored by the entire Senate. The bill now heads to the House of Delegates.

    Maryland Veterans Service Animal Program

    The hearing room was packed with veterans, military doctors, a former secretary of the Department of Veteran Affairs, founders of nonprofits and four highly specialized service dogs. It is not something you see every day in our committee hearing room, but it was a wonderful and moving day of...
  • Making Anne Arundel County The Best

    When our administration came into office two years ago, we pledged to make our county the best place to live, work and start a business in Maryland. We are working to achieve that goal by implementing a five-point plan to reduce taxes and fees, accelerate school construction, invest in public...
  • Letter To The Editor: In Response To Senator Bryan Simonaire

    Letter To The Editor: In Response To Senator Bryan Simonaire I have a few comments regarding the article “Immigration Issues Are Out Of Control,” written by Senator Bryan Simonaire. I believe there are a few misconceptions about what the Dream Act actually entails, and I would like...

Health & FitnessHealth & Fitness

  • Throughout April, Anne Arundel County residents are encouraged to participate in events that focus on obesity prevention, management of substance abuse and mental health as co-occurring disorders, and access to health care.

    Get Ready For Healthy Anne Arundel Month

    What It Is And Why You Should Invest In Your Health Everyone wants to be healthy, be proud of their weight and be free of addiction, but not everyone knows where to find the resources that will help them accomplish those goals. Healthy Anne Arundel Month was created in 2014 for that purpose, to...
  • Getting Your Pet Fixed

    Many wonder why it is important to get pets spayed or neutered. There are numerous reasons and some that you may not have considered. We will break it down for you based on category. Societal Millions of pets are euthanized each year in shelters. According to the American Society for the...
  • Tooth Decay, Sensitivity Or Erosion?

    Dentists and dental hygienists work together in clinical patient treatment. Thanks to technology, dental hygienists can now help patients maintain and protect their oral health with the use of a new treatment tool: adult in-office fluoride varnish therapy. Q: What happens at my maintenance visit...
  • AAMC To Design, Test Prototype Aimed To Transform Care For Older Adults

    Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) has been selected as one of four health systems nationally to develop a prototype model aimed to transform care for older adults. With a $250,000 grant from The John A. Hartford Foundation, AAMC will work over the course of 42 months to co-design and test the Age...

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